KDEconnect on windows

kde connect on Windows does not work the same as on Linux. In KDE connect Windows, I cannot select multiple files to transfer to my phone, I have to transfer them 1 at a time. It is tedious.

I’m not sure what this is. Is it a request for help, a bug report or a rant?

If it is the first, you may be better off posting in the “Help” category and formulating the question, well, as a question.

If it is the second, check that it happens all the time and you can replicate the problem. It would be helpful that you could check it also happens on other machines.

When you are done, read this:


and then go here:


Remember to check this bug has not been reported before by creating a new report!

If it is the third, carry on I guess.

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It’s an observation. The KDE connect application on Windows should work the same as on Linux, otherwise there is no point in using it on Windows. I work a lot with photographs, I need to transfer images from my mobile to the PC and vice versa, transferring photographs from Windows to my mobile 1 by 1 is tedious. On the contrary, from my phone to the PC, several can be selected and transferred at the same time. What I thought was excellent at first, I was disappointed when using it on Windows.

The next step is following the instructions you received in order to let the developers know. Given that they work for free and that we use their work for free, reporting bugs is the least we can do.

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