KDEconnect ring my phone not working when cover is closed.

Hi all, when I want to use kdeconnect to ring my ‘Samsung A52s’ phone. But the phone never rings, untill I open the protective cover of my phone. When I’m not using my phone the cover is allways closed, and thus makes the “ring my phone” future useless.

So is there a way to get my phone ringing when the cover is closed? I have searched through the settings on my phone but can’t find anything to make this work. “Ping my phone” does produce a sound when the cover is closed.


Also with a Samsung Galaxy A22 5G – if it’s “sleeping” then, it doesn’t ring but, I can access the files on the thing with Dolphin – despite the phone being in “sleep” mode …

Maybe a Bur Report needs to be raised against the KDE Connect Android App …

Yeah maybe. I just want be sure first it really is a bug and not a settings issue. Thank you for your reply!