KDEConnect Ring volume

Is it possible to reduce volume when using ring(find my device) feature in KDEConect android app? That is when Android is ringing not when using Android to cause other devices ring.

Currently feels like it is going at max volume (even when all the Android volume sliders are low), to the point where sound is almost clipping and getting distorted. I guess ignoring volume settings is partially a feature since you want to find your phone even when volume is for some reason turned low.

I am mostly in relatively quite environment where max volume is way to much. Reducing max volume or maybe increase over a couple of seconds so that it starts quite and gets increasingly louder as you keep searching for it would be great.

For now I just use an interim solution for that in my android. I know this isn’t the solution u might be expecting but just a little work around. I made an audio file using some app to reduce it’s volume and set that as custom ringtone in KDE connect plugin settings :no_mouth:. I just did this to avoid a loud ringtone playing when I give find my device. Maybe it helps u