Kdeconnect without plasma

Hi! i really like kdeconnect, however i am not currently running plasma, and last time plasma stuff got installed it took over a lot of things in my system, started managing some applications themes/icons, tried to store passwords and so on

i do not want kbookmarks nor kauth nor karchive nor kcmutils nor kcodecs nor kcolorschme nor kcompletion nor kconfig nor kconfigwidgets nor kcontacts … maybe kcoreaddons? i don’t know what those do, maybe kcrash? kdbusaddons? whats kdeclarative, kglobalaccel, kguidaddons? anyway thats about a third of the things that get pulled in when installing kde-connect and i would like to avoid installing kwindowsystem when i don’t need it
is there a way to build it myself without these dependencies?

These are required dependencies of KDE Connect, you can’t install it without them. That’s perfectly fine though, they are just some libraries, there’s no good reason to avoid them

Dunno exactly which system you’re running but if you really really really don’t want to install any k-deps/libs and you just want to share files, folders… you could also try LocalSend. Crossplatform, tar, deb…etc.