Kdeconnect working but no option to send files to iPhone

How send files to iPhone from Ubuntu?

Ubuntu 18.04 extended support (Ubuntu Pro) with Nautilus and kdeconnect 1.3.3. from the repo.
iPhone 16.5.1 and kdeconnect 0.3.0(9)
They do connect to each other. The ping function works from laptop. The send files works from iPhone.

I find no buttons or file manager entries for the iPhone. The only documentation on this says “once you connect, it will appear in Dolphin.” So I installed Dolphin (unwillingly) and the phone does not appear there. I see no refresh button in Dolphin.

Is it possible to send files from Ubuntu to iPhone? Documentation says you can browse using Dolphin (I can’t) but doesn’t say you can send files.

Also, I find no clues about how to run any of the plug-ins or what they are plugged into. Several are checked by default but there’s no information about how to start them.

Keep in mind that KDE Connect for iOS is still in development, so not every feature is implemented (or even can be implemented.)

So you’re aware, that (KDE Connect) is from 2019 :slight_smile: KDE Connect for iOS is much, much younger than that.

I’m not sure what documentation you read, but “Once you connect, it will appear in Dolphin” is almost certainly referring to the SSH filesystem feature which isn’t available for iOS. That’s the thing that allows you browse the filesystem remotely.

For iOS, you can send files through the “Send to Device” feature found in KDE applications - but I don’t think I got it to work the last time I tried it. It might work better nowadays though :slight_smile:

It’s better to look in the settings of the iOS app, as it has a detailed list of supported plugins and what they do. This isn’t reflected in KDE Connect itself on the desktop as far as I know.

Very quick reply, thanks!
I short, I think you’re saying kdeconnect does not offer file transfer to iPhone (yet), thanks for that information, saves me from continuing to try :+1:

“It’s still in development” ack and appreciate.

The Dolphin comment is here and yes, it’s SFTP: KDEConnect - KDE UserBase Wiki

“For iOS, you can send files through the “Send to Device” feature found in KDE applications” sounds nice but all searching comes back to libimobiledevice (not working, I’m on stackoverflow for that) and kdeconnect. Bluetooth won’t show the ‘send files’ for this phone and that’s not resolvable per several sources, nautilus and dolphin won’t show it. I suspect all will behave the same until something is resolved.

“It’s better to look in the settings of the iOS app…” There are just a couple settings and they are not related to connecting or running plugins (it lists plugins but nothing there about enable or run). Anyway, not too important, I just want to copy files to the phone.

Follow up: some success.

While I was connecting and reconnecting, suddenly in the system tray icon there is a menu for the phone with option to send one file (not folder, no big deal).

The connection drops very quickly. Send file does not work for zip but after changing the extension to mkv (which was my first test file extension), it worked and I could unpack it on the phone. Yay!

Connection keeps dropping though. I’d like to help but this is way outside my area.

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Unfortunately that’s my experience with KDE Connect for iOS :frowning: I’m not a KDE Connect dev, but I’m pretty sure it’s iOS’ fault here, as it’s really finnicky with connecting to any of my PCs. Glad you were able to figure it out though!

Just to add from my experience using KDE Connect for iOS every day - I’ve only had file transfer issues when I’ve let my phone screen turn off/go to sleep. As long as I keep the phone “awake”, it seems to work well at least for my use cases? (This is for both sending photos/videos from phone to PC, and sending files from PC to phone)

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Thanks very much for mentioning johnandmegh. I tested that and my phone does same, at least for the two minutes that I set the lock screen timeout to, useful to know.

I still can’t send large files though (zips of many small files). I’ll go back to sneakernet with flash drive, I always did like that anyway, pending kdeconnect or libimobiledevice developments. Missing my wide open Android :cry: :grin:

Hmm, yeah I have seen some buggy interactions with the iPhone still, no doubt…I wonder, would whatever use case you have be fulfilled by something like Proton Drive potentially? (kind of a hacky workaround, but a potential one nevertheless?)