Kdenlive 23.04.2 released

Hello TheDiveO. I guess you work with the AppImage 23.04.2.

Yes, we have tested the sequence integration far to less. Can you share such a project file here: Project regression testing (#1693) · Issues · Multimedia / Kdenlive · GitLab.

The reason of disabling multi-threading rendering is that we have lots of crashes and not proper rendering with effects as they are not multi-threading save (i.e. some frei0r effects).

This is a windows 11 issue for me. (i.e. fullscreen focus totally broken as verified by others) Cannot speak to those who have it work on Linux.

Can also verify that the “oldfilm” filter is busted. Only changes brightness of video, does not use other parts of the effect (shaking screen, etc.)

I’ve been using 22.12.1, that last release that worked for me without any greater problems. Now I’ve given the 23.04.2 a try. Some enhancements, but in the end it’s just another buggy release.

If I use the “Alpha mask” plugin with “Pixelize” for pixeling car number plates two ore more times, Kdenlive forgets the keyframes by random or misplaces them. I don’t know what’s going on there. I rendered a video with three pixelization parts, checked the result, and the one in the middle was completey wrong. So, once again, remove the keyframes, start from the beginning…

Even if Kdenlive is a fantastic piece of software, but it has been frustrating all the time now for more than a year.

I’m dreaming of a release that just fixes existing problems without doing any changes to those parts that don’t have any problems. Currently it seems that the devs fix some problems here but create new problems there.

I am with you: 23.04 was not a good release for Kdenlive. But it brought a very important feature the community was waiting for: Sequences, aka nested timelines. However, the complexity of this topic has been underestimated, and testing did not reveal all of the regressions this implementation brought with it. So now the team is focussing on fixing bugs, fixing regression, improving stability, and learning from this experience. See the news on the official Kdenlive website.

The next releases will not introduce new features but bring more stability and performance improvements. Also, the testing approach is being changed with (more) automation. Most importantly, though, there are beta versions available for the community to test. I encourage everyone to use this opportunity to help the developers to iron out kinks and get rid of bugs before the official release. This is the least we can do to contribute to the further development of this fantastic piece of free software …

EDIT: I forgot to add to ask you to log a bug report at bugs.kde.org and provide as much information (screenshots, recordings, example files) as possible. Thanks!

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