Kdenlive 23.04.2 released

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Kdenlive 23.04.2 brings several bug fixes and enhancements to improve the stability of Timelines Sequences. Among the bug fixes, we addressed a freeze that occurred when encountering a duplicate sequence, sequence creation from selection, and re-enabling of sequence thumbnails. Other notable fixes include addressing problems with dragging clips in the timeline causing out-of-view scrolling, a…


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Please check Switch Full Screen. Turning this off takes us out of the application. Windows 11.

Appreciate the new release. :slight_smile:

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Do you mean CTRL+SHIFT+F? On Win10: once changed to full screen mode the menus don’t work anymore. Pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F brings me back to normal mode. Is that your issue?

No. I mean the F11 key.

F11 puts the currently active Clip or Project Monitor into full screen mode. What is your problem there?

My problem is when I press F11 to return to normal I am no longer in the application unless I switch to it (Alt+Tab).

I can confirm that behavior in Windows 11 with Kdenlive 23.04.2: The app loses focus and keyboard commands are not registered. For example Space to play back the timeline: Works after F11 on the Project Monitor, doesn’t work after pressing F11 again. A click somewhere in Kdenlive is required for that to work again.

I’m happy to Alt Tab. It’s such a trivial matter. And there’s a get around. So. All is fine

Confirmed. This focus issue happens on Mac as well.

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Effect Oldfilm not working here. I’m using Xubuntu 22.04.2 LTS and kdenlive 23.04.2. I can add the effect to the video clip but nothing changes.

Can you please log a bug report in bugs.kde.org? Thanks!

I did find a couple of issues when cutting pieces of a video or dragging it. But the worse one is the noise suppression for me is gone now. I created a video illustrating what I mean:

This is using Ubuntu 23.04

It is available in the appimage for 23.04.2

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YOU ROCK!!! Yes it is working beautifully!!

Thank you! Much appreciated.

Just FYI and in case you want to switch: Besides the appimage, my installed 23.04.2 has the Noise Suppression effect. I am on Pop!_OS 22.04 and have included the kdenlive-stable ppa from which I install and update Kdenlive. I know that flatpak is having issues now and then, and I don’t want to dabble with that all the time. So you may want to check this out …

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This is a really bad release, crashing on me all the time and neither correctly loading its own properly saved projects, nor recovering its own projects correctly. And the nightlies are even worse, they on top lack the rendering binary, so no rendering possible. That’s especially bad in combination with loading not working correctly. On the positive side, nothing has changed in the past 18 months or so where I kept my fingers off of kdenlive. It is still in the same dire need of unit testing as before and the timeline refactoring has not improved it a iota.

  • Kubuntu 23.04

  • kdenlive appimage (the flatpak doesn’t even correctly seem to integrate with the desktop)

  • after loading the project with multiple sequences, all but the last used sequence have their timeline cursors (for lack of a better word) “somewhere” way beyond the last clip. Pressing “home” immediately crashes kdenlive.

  • when adding sequences with multiple video tracks to the “main” sequence, they don’t render correctly with tracks simply missing or not correctly overlaid while the sequence is placed on the bottom-most video track. Moving sequences to higher video tracks seem to work – while crossing fingers.

  • when the length of a sequence changes, such as adding more content, any sequence placed in another sequence behaves odd: the additional content is missing, even when increasing its duration. Deleting in one sequence and adding the sequence again gives the proper length, but now the newly added range is simply black. Saving and … loading, only to have parts of the project missing again. And the sequence still doesn’t work properly in the other sequence. What about unit testing such things, or is this not considered to be core functionality?

  • loading a saved project causes lots of fade in/fade out effects to simply disappear, regardless of sequence. V5 is especially prone, but some effects also simply disappear from V4, typically the first few ones, while others stay.

  • kdenlive crashes often, without being reproducible. In my several decades of experience that is a typical sign of arbitrary memory corruption. This needs much more testing, as well as valgrind or something similar during unit testing.

  • while different kdenlive appimage version seem to pick up the existing configuration, and the glaxnite settings in particular, they don’t work when using a new nightly until touched and saved again, even if they are just the same. You should really consider adding a few simple e2e unit tests for this.

  • is there some (deeper) reasoning why the multi threading rendering checkbox and the number of threads to use resets all the time to being off and, I think, 4? What about another unit test here?

Hi @TheDiveO, good to see you here albeit with a small rant :wink:

I am not experiencing any of the issues you described but I am not using nested timelines that much. Based on the latest blog entry I think the devs very much underestimated the complexity of the nested timelines. But they are working on fixing this. In fact, the next two releases will be focused on ironing out the bugs. And an initiative has started to significantly improve testing.

I can verify that “full screen mode” (CNRL shift F or using F11) is horribly broken.

I had to do a full uninstall / clean re-install to get out of full screen mode (which was broken and didn’t allow menu item selections).

Is that on Windows? Ctrl+Shift+F or F11 works just fine in Pop!_OS 22.04 with any of the monitors or the program itself.