Kdenlive 23.08.1 released

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The first maintenance release of the 23.08 series is out:   Fix audio channel setting breaking opening of existing project file. Commit. Fix possible crash in audiolevel widget. Commit. Fix default audio channels for project not correctly saved. Commit. Fix guide/marker categories all black on some non english locales. Commit. Ensure Media browser saves zoom…


In case you missed it, comments are now made through the forum. Here: Kdenlive 23.08.1 released

Thank you so much on polishing Kdenlive! May be you could even make a separate stable release for critical video production projects which includes only 100% stable effects? Having a rock-steady version could be invaluable for time-critical projects. But of course the coolest thing about Kdenlive is that it is FLOSS and works on Linux. The best thing about FLOSS is that it is future-proof: a user owns the program in full, and always retains the ability to open projects created years ago, which with commercial software was possible only in the 1990’s, before the “activation” plague.

Really a very BIG thank you for this amazing software. It is rock solid and just works as it should.
Working with 40+ tracks easily.

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can’t possible to open old project (very old) because the structure of projects are changing during time… there are fixes every day and sometimes them are affecting old project in a way that make them unusable…
BTW… can be nice to have a “very stable” minimal release but looking at Issues · Multimedia / Kdenlive · GitLab … bugs are not soo much destructive or critical, but placed everywhere on the code… and a lot of times are very difficult to reproduce… i can only suggest to stop adding new features… and continue to fix everything wrong with the actual code.

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i can only suggest to stop adding new features… and continue to fix everything wrong with the actual code.

Not in the master branch, I think. It’s better to make a “stable” branch and stabilize it. Some bugfixes could be then pulled to the master branch.

Yes, I couldn’t agree more. Kdenlive can already do so much, much more than any other opensource video editor. And Kdenlive will not get better by adding more features but by fixing the existing and known bugs.


Yes, but keep in mind there’s only 3 major releases a year and 9 bug fix releases in the same year. For myself, I think this ratio is sufficient.