Kdenlive 23.08.2 released

I’m having the same issue on Ubuntu MATE 20.04.6. I’ve been using the AppImage since the Kdenlive PPA ended support for Focal – without issue – until this release.

I filed a bug report, but since 23.08.3 is scheduled for early November, I suspect it may not get any attention.


Hmm, I am using the 23.08.2 appimage on Pop!_OS 22.04 (which is based on Ubunto LTS 22.04) without any issues. Assuming you chmod is to 777 what is happening when you start it from a terminal?

I posted the terminal launch response with the bug report at the posted link.

If I’m interpreting the terminal response correctly, it appears the AppImage is missing files.

Edit: OR my system is missing files that were not a requirement with previous AppImage releases.

All Greek to me, unfortunately :-/

Can you try one of the nightly builds?

I could try, but a nightly build isn’t an actual release, like 23.08.2. It’s just a snapshot of the current state of development of the program, could be unstable, etc. I’d rather stay with actual releases.

I was curious, so I tried starting kdenlive 23.08.2 appimage from Terminal and see similar `GLIBCXX_3.4.29’ not found errors as you, for what it’s worth.

Please add to the bug reported by @CapedMadMan (see above). That shows the devs that it is not an isolated issue. Please share your OS, DE and other useful info.


I looked at CapedMadman’s bug report.
I get exactly the same 16 lines (except for the /tmp/.mount_kdenli … ending) as a return when I launch the appimage from the command line.

I updated the bug report and linked to this thread so the devs can see it is not an isolated incident.

Still, I would encourage you to add to the bug report with info about your OS etc. It helps the devs in troubleshooting this, and you want a fix fast, right?

I tried on Win10 with F11 → monitor changed to full screen on my second monitor. Hit F11 again, it went back into Kdenlive.

Do you have updated the graphic card driver?
How many monitors do you have?

I’m still on an old Intel HD Graphics card (nudge H264-qsv) and I use two monitors.

You gave me an idea when you said two monitors. I just tried changing my Monitor For Fullscreen Output, but no…

Strangely, when I hit the hotkey twice then the windows key twice I’m back in Kdenlive :thinking:

Double click into the clip monitor → it should go to full screen. Double click again into the full screen clip monitor, it should go back into Kdenlive.

That works but the issue is on the hot key (F11) toggle.

i used Kdenlive every day last week without any crash… very happy, usually something happens but this seems a very stable release.


Version 23.08.2

Ubuntu Studio / Ubuntu PPA

CPU: Intel i5 13500 internal graphics.

I have noticed that the Transform and Composite / picture in picture isn’t working in this release of Kdenlive.

Kind regards

Could you point out where this composition or effect is? I don’t know about picture in picture effect out of the box in Kdenlive.

Or do you use the Composite and Transform composition to scale and move a clip so that it appears as a picture-in-picture? If so, it works flawlessly for me (Kdenlive 23.08.2 installed or as appimage on Pop!_OS 22.04).

Perhaps you can elaborate on

Hi Berndmj, thank you for your reply, yes, I used the Composite and Transform to move a clip over another clip - like a Title Sequence, where the text appears to zoom into the frame, just as you described.

I shall try the appimage version to see if that makes a difference, as that one works for you.

Good, but just to clarify: it works for me also with the installed version (through ppa).

Generally speaking, I prefer just the Transform effect for something like this. It appears to be faster and more flexible … YMMV

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Hi Berndmj, thank you for your further reply.

The appimage version is indeed working okay with the Composite and Transform, as I downloaded that, and executed the progran or App in the terminal.

I removed the version that is already installed in the Ubuntu Studio, and re-installed it in the terminal, just to see if any issues have been fixed, not fixed, not working.

So, it is always polite to state that the issue is solved in a forum.

I shall try the Transform effect, as you have kindly suggested, from now on in my video post-production projects, thank you for that.

I’ve been using Linux since Fedora 9, by reading the Linux Bible books by Christopher Negus, and I have numerous other Distros too.
But, I prefer a Linux Distro like Ubuntu Studio where all that I require is in one place.

Kind regards