Kdenlive 23.08.3 released

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Kdenlive 23.08.3 continues the stabilization effort of this release cycle in preparation for the Qt6 upgrade. Some highlights of this release include: Importing clips is now faster (as part of the performance improvements task); added a new PNG with alpha render profile and fixes the video with alpha render profiles; time remapping can now be…


This one isn’t new for 23.08.3 - if I understand correctly (which I’m not entirely sure I do :slight_smile: it is an artifact of the changes in MLT 7, but I bumped into it again today when making some changes to an old project from the 21.x days.

The kdenlive appimage no longer ships physical files for the numbered wipe lumas (luma01-22.pgm), which I gather from MLT - Documentation is because MLT no longer ships them, it generates them dynamically when the old names are used.

kdenlive still lists those wipe methods in the composition dialog, and explicitly enumerates names for them in core.cpp but if you select them, they don’t actually work/get used.

If you load a “custom” wipe method with those names (using a local copy of those pgm files from an earlier release) everything works exactly as expected - but it seems kdenlive might need to jump through some extra hoop with MLT 7 to use the autogenerated ones?

These are Sometimes Useful wipes, so it would be nice to keep them (and compatibility with old projects that used them). Right now loading a project that had used them silently ‘fails’ (there’s no warning, but rendering the project doesn’t use the selected wipe).

Hi, as a windows user the close Fullscreen shortcut has still not been addressed ie 1) F11 (Monitor > Switch Monitor Fullscreen) to enter fullscreen 2) F11 appears to have reverted back to normal view but it hasn’t when it come to use shortcut keys eg J key.

Reported in July 2023:


Ok, and here’s a fun bug I haven’t seen prior to 23.08.3 … I didn’t notice it when I first created this part of the project with 23.08.1, but I can’t say offhand whether it didn’t happen there or I just didn’t notice.

I have a 29.97fps (4k if it matters but it probably doesn’t) clip that I’ve cut to 5:04,17 duration and then tried to apply some gentle time remapping to. The bug I noticed after rendering is that it appears to stall on some frames in the initial part of the clip where the speed should still be 100%, as if it’s slowed it by a small percentage.

At first I thought there must have been some corruption in the project, but it appears to be entirely reproducible, if I just take that clip, enable time remapping, then add a single keyframe at 0:24,00. Even if I don’t change the speed of any part of the clip, some frames prior to that keyframe get duplicated during playback as if it had been slowed.

Presumably there’s some rounding or off-by-one type error happening somewhere, because if I just move that keyframe to 0:23,25, then the bug goes away and the remapping works as expected.