Kdenlive-23.08.4 not working on Ubuntu 20.04

kdenlive-23.08.4 from PPA is unable to save project files in Ubuntu 20.04. Always saving in run/user/1000/doc/ not in the pointed location.

Appimage version doesn’t even start. Showing in terminal:
The X11 connection broke: No error (code 0)
XIO: fatal IO error 22 (Bad argument) on X server “:1”
after 362 requests (362 known processed) with 0 events remaining.


Hello @Lukas_Remis, welcome to the forum.
The AppImage from the download page should work on Ubuntu 20.04. Otherwise, you have to update to Ubuntu 22.04.

The Appimage has exactly same issues. And I’m not planning to upgrade Ubuntu. It worked fine in older kdenlive version so it’s software bug not system bug.

Due to Qt6 compatibility the build system was switched to C++17 in January 2022 so the PPA needs in minimum Ubuntu 22.04.
KDE and Kdenlive is focusing on transition to Qt6, so the AppImage needs most probably Ubuntu 22.04 as well due to compatibly reason and need for newest driver/libraries.

When both AppImage and the 23.08.4 version from PPA/repositories don’t work in (K)ubunt 20.04 - could using the Flatpak version be a solution?

I thought that the idea behind AppImages (and the main appeal of them) is that they would contain all the necessary dependencies/drivers/libraries regardless of what the underlying system is. Is that not the case?
I don’t mean to sound rude, I’m genuinely curious.

Yes, right, except some drivers which still depends on the OS.