Kdenlive 23.08 beta available

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After an inspiring participation to Akademy, where we presented some of the actions we want to take to improve Kdenlive’s stability and reliability, we are announcing the first beta version for the upcoming Kdenlive 23.08.0 version. The Kdenlive 23.04.x version was unfortunately affected by major regressions related to the new timeline nesting feature. We are…

Is it really Kdenlive 23.08 or Kdenlive 23.07 ?

kdenlive_Version 23.7 or 23.08_bug

23.07.80 is the development version (Beta) which will become 23.08 official version when stabilized.

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:+1: Thanks for the info.

Hi! Are there any release notes showing us what is new in this beta (or will be new in 23.08)?

I’m on Windows 11, using the latest beta; at least in my system:
Playback from the end of the timeline doesn’t work (no matter how the options in “Configure Kdenlive… > Timeline” section are set).

I’ve already filed an issue in bugs.kde.org about it.
Thanks for listening!