Kdenlive 24.02.1 released

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We’re delighted to announce the first maintenance release of the 24.04 series, tackling regressions, bugs, and crashes. A big thank you to everyone who reported issues during this transition – keep up the great work! Changelog Fix crash on group cut. Commit. Fix possible startup crash. Commit. Fix typo. Commit. Fix appstream release notes formatting.…


I installed this yesterday and had a joyous edit out of it but two things occured.

Firstly, I assigned a hotkey (“P”) to toggle the full screen and when I press the hotkey and return to normal view I do not return to the application so I can’t use the keyboard unless I Alt+Tab back in to the application.

Secondly, sometimes when I drag a clip from Clip Monitor the last clip on the Timeline moves along with it. It also bypasses the Undo function. I’m having to check the Timeline for gaps before rendering out the project.

Just two observations in an otherwise delightful edit.


Acer Swift 1
Intel Pentium Quad Core Processor N3710 @ 1.60 GHz
Intel HD Graphics
4GB DDR3 L Memory
64-bit operating system, x64-based processor


Windows 10


Tesco 22-830 21.5" LCD Television

The latest version has crashing issues on my pc

To help with that, please report a bug on bugs.kde.org

Run KDENlive from the terminal to get outputs, or use other methods to get an output like the DrKonqui error dialog

Only with that we can help you