Kdenlive 24.02.2 released

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The second maintenance release of the 24.02 series is out with performance optimizations when moving clips in the timeline and across multiple project bins, packaging improvements to macOS and Windows versions and fixes to copy/paste of effects, rotoscoping, Nvidia encoding among others. Full changelog Fix blurry folder icon with some project profiles. Commit. Fix timeline…


Thank you for this release

I am currently using “Kdenlive version 24.02.2” on Windows 11.

1st problem:
I don’t know if it’s just me, but the latest versions take a lot longer to save a file than the older versions. Also I can’t do any action during saving.

2nd problem:
The settings in the notifications do not work in the latest versions.
Audio file does not play at the end of the process.

Also, in previous versions there was a notification feature that converted text to audio and worked. Why was that feature removed?

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  1. There were some modification to savings to avoid crashes while saving is ongoing.

  2. I guess you compare to version 23.08.x. If so, yes we are aware that audio notification doesn’t work on Windows anymore. This due to the switch from Qt5 to Qt6 (Qt=framework Kdenlive needs for showing the UI).

Yes, these feature was removed as it is not supported anymore from the framework we have used.

How can I get a sound notification when rendering is complete. the sound file specified in the settings shown in the picture is not playing.

This is not working at the moment (version 24.2.x). We are checking how we can bring the sound back in the Windows version.

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When you are in the Render preset, eg H264/MPEG/AAC, open More and scroll down on the expanded view, here you can have the MP4 file to open after render, when this happens you will hear the completed file. :slight_smile:

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hello, I recommend you to choose a Linux distribution because it’s more for the user. Windows 11 is heavy.

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