Kdenlive 24.05.0 released

What platform and build are you using (windows/linux/appimage etc.)?

How much it crashes mostly depends on what you’re doing with it (some features have crasher bugs, some don’t) - so if there is some particular action you can reliably crash it with that’s definitely worth reporting in more detail so people can try to reproduce and fix it.

Losing your UI customisation isn’t something I’d normally expect though. When you change it are you saving it as your own layout? (view->save layout)

kdenlive allows you to have and switch between multiple layouts for different parts of the editing process, so it could be you’re just getting restored to the layout you were using in the state it was last saved in?

a lot of things seems like a nice improvements.
but in some of the latest released I’ve having issues

  • estimated render time freezes when rendering audio only (wav). I edit dub files for movies. (render take about 40min)
  • hidden/muted tracks tank rendering performance. I save the project, then delete them and then export audio only. (it can improve render up to 4x some how it seems it keep processing them even if hidden)
  • the timeline auto scrolling on playback lags the system, something that doesn’t happen when I scroll manually while playback
  • there’s annoying errors that explain nothing when you try to copy/paste or import clips to the time line. most of them are related to kdenlive not liking said clip in the audio or video track I want (i guess i because grouping issues)
  • pitch audio correction on time shift seems borked.
  • would be nice to adjust time shift by profile FPS (like 25pal to 23ntsc)
  • playback of multiple audio tracks seem to have a different/higher db peak when downmixed.

wiil these things ever be implemented?

  • change track order
  • graph audio equalizer filter
  • full amd gpu acceleration

same. even with audio only