Kdenlive 24.05.0 released

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The team is happy to announce Kdenlive 24.05, this update reimplements the Audio Capture feature and focuses on enhancing stability while introducing a few exciting new features like Group Effects and Automatic Subtitle Translations. This version comes with a huge performance boost and the usual batch of quality of life, user interface and usability improvements.…


Runs fine on Manjaro Linux.

The download page says 25.04, instead of 24.05.

Seems to be fixed now :wink:

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Merci pour cette superbe mise à jour, j’attendais le son sur Qt6, c’est fait et ça marche mieux que sur Qt5. Je ne parviens toujours pas a avoir l’image de fond sur Glaxnimate (bug posté il y a longtemps) pourriez vous préciser les conditions pour cela. Merci et encore bravo :ok_hand:

Saves are much faster than previous release. Spacer Tool operations are faster. Very short time with it, but is it worth installing? Yesssss, it is.

Occasionally I will still see the ‘2 arrow’ icon not appearing when trying to resize a clip, but I saw that with the previous release sometimes too. The fix seems to be to change the zoom setting, (though there was nothing odd or ‘too far’ with the previous zoom setting). Minor issue anyway.

In my short time with it, less than 24 hours, I have had the app exit completely once, but that happened with the previous release too. I have had the spacer tool oddly not move my bunch of clips in free space to the left of it (as if something were blocking it, even though there was nothing blocking). It turned out that if I grabbed the first clip and moved that, and then moved all the others next to it, it would then work. I’m not sure what was happening there, but these are all minor issues.

Try this… Save the project, close kdenlive and open the project again.

The estimated render times seem a bit random in this new version.

Thanks, your tip works with version 23.08.5 but not with version 24.05.0 ???

Now works in versions 23 & 24 on condition that you reload kdenlive each time you want to go to Glaxnimate AND launch the animation in Glaxnimate. It’s not practical (let’s hope the ergonomics improve soon) but it works!
Thanks mikediamsk

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I run popOS 22.04 and the Project Monitor play back runs at a much lower frame rate since version 24.x.x than it did on version 23.x.x. Has anybody else noticed this? Is there a way to make this better?

I think mostly people have been reporting 24.x is smoother and faster than earlier versions - and that’s been my experience …

But there’s a lot of variables which can effect that. Is there perhaps some configuration you’ve set differently - or does it change with different source material?

I’m glad it works. Happy video editing. :slight_smile:

Was curious when this version will be released for Flatpack installs? Still showing 24.02.2 as current version there.

The “Remaining time” indication to indicate remaining render time does seem very broken in this new version. I’m using Win 10 and it counts down to zero long before rendering is actually complete. It worked fine in all previous versions.

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So am I. Apparantly it takes quite a bit of effort and time to create a Flatpak.
If I can contribute by learning how to do so, I would be happy to help.
Just let me know.

For anyone who was waiting on the Flatpak: it’s been updated to 24.05.0 on Flathub. I just installed and it seems fine, so far.

Thank you!


Is there a chance to improve VAAPI hardware acceleration on radeon cards? I own an RX 6600 XT and the last attempt at rendering was disastrous. The video takes up twice as much disk space and rendered longer than through the Ryzen 5 5600X CPU. It would be nice to have some reasonable hardware acceleration.

Same issue here.

I’m having an issue with this version crashing quite a bit, as well as my saved custom toolbar icons reset & are no longer there.