Kdenlive 24.05.1 released

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The first maintenance release of the 24.05 series is out fixing issues in the spacer tool, effects and compositions, subtitle management and project settings to name a few. We addressed recently introduced crashes and freezes, including fixing the undo/redo track insertion and multiple track insertion issues. This version also improves AppImage packaging and enables notarization…


This maintenance release for me introduced three issues. First it has the grey buttons for things like spacer tool and adding keyframes which shouldn’t happen for breeze dark theme as it messes with visibility. Another problem is that one cannot change the duration of an image in the timeline unless “Time Remap” option is selected specifically for the image, it’s a bit of an inconvenience to do that for every single image that is added even with a keybind. Also my keybinds were all reset upon updating, although this happens I think almost every time I update and it’s not that big of a deal it is still an inconvenience. Hope these problems are solved.

You might need to give some details about what build you’re using. The appimage doesn’t have any problem with the theming or changing the duration of still images for me …

So I tried the appimage and I also don’t have any of the problems outlined in my previous comment. Checking as to what version I actually updated to it is 24.05.1-2 and not just 24.05.1, which is weird as it clearly only says 24.05.1 upon opening kdenlive. The 24.05.1-2 version is from the “Official Repositories (extra)”, I am using endeavour os, probably I installed a more up to date build that is still being worked on.

So far? awesome update. Performance and stability are far better than previous version

Just popping in to thank the team behind this amazing software. What you’ve accomplished is beyond words and I appreciate each and every update and bug fix you put out. Thank you again!


aaand just because I complimented it, I got an error today:

[mp3float @ 000001a4c3be0380] Could not update timestamps for skipped samples.
[mp4 @ 000001a4c4faaa00] Timestamps are unset in a packet for stream 1. This is deprecated and will stop working in the future. Fix your code to set the timestamps properly [mp4 @ 000001a4c4faaa00] Encoder did not produce proper pts, making some up.

AFAIK, this is not an error but more a message. In most cases the file has been created.

Arch uses the Debian style of package versioning, so a 24.05.1-2 shouldn’t have any change to the kdenlive source, it’s still the same 24.05.1. The -2 means it’s the second release of the distro-specific packaging for 24.05.1.

Sounds like there needs to be (at least :slight_smile: a -3 to fix whatever is still wrong with the packaging… You’ll almost always have less pain with the official appimages from here, but if there’s something you really want from the packaged version you’ll need to report that to your distro’s package maintainer. There’s nothing anyone here can do about bugs in that, sorry.

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S.O. Windows 11 and KDENLIVE 24.05.2
When inserting a jpg file in the timeline the program crashes and I have to reset the program with the system program manager. It also happens in version 24.05.0 and it doesn’t happen in version 24.02.2

Hi, and welcome to the forum and community.

Please report bugs via Kdenlive Menu > Help > Report Bug, or directly in the official bug tracker. Thanks!

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