Kdenlive and custom project resolution: title video objects are rendered in unexpected positions

I am working with input videos having a resolution of 1024 * 1280 pixels, and I need output videos of the same resolution.

A custom profile with that resolution is created and applied to the project. The input video is dragged on the V1 track, and a title video clip (not a title template clip) is created. A few objects are placed in the design window of the title video clip as shown below.

The title video clip is then added to V2 track and the project is rendered.

The objects in the rendered video are not in expected positions as shown below.

It seems that the design window of a title video does not account for the resolution of the project’s applied profile, and assumes screen resolution. Or there are other explanations.

Should we consider this behaviour as normal? Or as needing a fix? Or should I improve my usage of kdenlive?

Thank you for considering.