kdenlive API for video editing hardware/software console?

I was wondering,
although kdenlive doesn’t support API for external control, I’m curious what power users think about dedicated video editing controls be it hardware or software (say on a tablet). Are consoles useful or gimmicks? Personally, I’ve never felt they are REALLY all that useful for offline video editing but then again, I’m not a professional or even a power user.

If you think editing consoles are useful, which controls would be most beneficial? What would your ideal console look like?

I have experience with the Davinci Resolve SpeedEditor and would love to see something like that for Kdenlive. The DRSE is proprietary HW, unfortunately, and cannot be interfaced to just any application, AFAIK.

If you want to know what controls are most beneficial than look at the layout and description of that piece of HW.

i think that a common usb jog shuttle can speed up works and do not require any special sdk… essentials controls are frame forward/backward, play, stop, cut, next clip, previous clip, save. (any super cheaper jog shuttle can do that and works with kdenlive)

So, I’ve been editing videos as a hobby for a few years now. At first, I thought those fancy editing consoles were just overkill. But then, I got to try one at a friend’s studio. Honestly, it was pretty cool, especially for those long editing sessions. The jog wheel for moving frame by frame was a game-changer, and having shortcuts right at my fingertips? Super handy.

Then I switched to Apple gadgets and looked for free video editing software for mac. It took a while to find a good one, but it was worth it. It was simple and not too big, with a jog wheel and some customizable buttons for the editing shortcuts I use the most.

Some sort of a simple control API to do some the things mentioned in this thread - particularly jog forward and back - would be so useful.

I have an old Panasonic editing controller that I used with MII VTRs years ago that I think uses a simple RS232 type connection. If there was a simple API, I would certainly consider having a good at writing a serial interface.

As @Bartoloni mentioned, a Jog Shuttle or any other device sending key shortcuts should work with Kdenlive. See here.

Thanks for that link Eugen - looks like its pretty easy to do!