Kdenlive: Audio-Video Synching Issue

Hi all,
using kdenlive I get an audio-video synching issue with all my projects.
Typically these projects consists of recorded audio plus recorded videos from several cams. All with the same sound. I use the audio synching tool of Kdenlive. And this seems to work perfectly fine in the preview.
However, the audio/video behaviour of the rendered video is - well say non-homogeneous with different players. With some it is perfect as expected. But with others there are clear offsets of up to 8 frames sometimes (rendering with 25fps). I only see this behaviour with my clips but not with those provided by friends which used other editing tools. I don’t see this either for any other kind of videos from other sources.
Is there anything I can do to avoid this? Is there a possibility to embed additional synching info in the clip to be rendered?

Thanks for your reply


I never had this issue so I cannot speak from experience, but I am pretty sure it is not possible to embed additional synching info in the clip as you asked.
The fact that different players (examples?) have or don’t have synch issues makes this very difficult to troubleshoot. Add to that clips created by other NLE tools (again: examples?).

Could you provide a test clip so that ppl can test this on their machines? And also let the community know which OS and version of Kdenlive you are using …