KDENLIVE - Cannot use VAAPI (WIN10/11)

For some reason, I am unable to use VAAPI AMD/Intel HW acceleration. I specifically need Intel HW accel. for a speicfic system, however running the setup wizard, it tells me “mediainfo” is not installed and proceeds to not find any hardware encoders, both on my AMD system and INTEL system, both of which can preview the video with VAAPI, but are unable to actually render with it.
Here’s how it looks on both systems:

Well VAAPI doesnt exist on windows would be one issue. You would need to make sure everything needed for Quicksync or AMD AMF is installed on your windows machines.

I unfortunately havent used Windows in some time so im not sure 100% what you need but should just be the Intel and AMD driver packages from their websites.

you might also need this installed MediaInfo if its asking for mediainfo

I’ve installed MediaInfo now, however it still doesn’t see VAAPI or Quicksync.

It will never see VAAPI because VAAPI doesnt exist on Windows. Make sure your AMD/Intel driver packages are up to date.

AMD will use AMF

Intel will use QSV

The drivers are up to date, I’ve checked. MLT still thinks there’s no hardware acceleration support.
It also for some reason thinks NVENC works.

Does your current machine have an Nvidia GPU along side intel or amd cpu? If so thatd be why. Whats your machine specs?

Not at all, this machine that I’m trying to get intel encoding on has an intel CPU with only the intel iGPU.
It seems that neither VAAPI or h264_qsv are supported, yet it tells me h264_amf are supported, it even works on the other PC with an AMD GPU, however it obviously doesn’t work on this one.

Windows wont have VAAPI, dont worry about VAAPI

yes but what are your machine specifications? If i know what you have I could possibly take fewer shots in the dark as atm i have no idea what youre working with. Is it a laptop? desktop? etc.

the machine is just an i5-4670 with enough ram to run a game server or two, but I wanted to use it to render some stuff in the meantime when I’m not hosting.
I have completely replaced to FFmpeg, FFplay and FFprobe files with the latest there are and while MLT now happily detects QSV as installed, it still tells me “h264_qsv” is unsupported.

The i5-4670 is fairly old at this point, its quicksync encoder isnt particularly good and its possble the QSV in the windows version of kdenlive doesnt support it.

someone involved with kdenlive would have to chime in but my guess is that the age of the CPU (10yrs old now) may be a factor here and Im not positive if intel has done and QSV updates to haswell in some years on Windows.

Also it seems at least 1 other person had a similar issue a while ago on reddit but wasnt able to resolve it, my guess is they also have a fairly old intel iGPU.

I’m honestly not sure since it works perfectly while using it as a preview option, where it flawlessly works and uses a decent amount of the iGPU’s processing.

intel hasnt updated the HD4600 driver in 8yrs on Windows (at least according to this driver listing being the only one mentioning it), my guess is thats likely the culprit


The PC already has drivers newer than the ones you linked. Quicksync also works flawlessly in Shortcut and in OBS.

like i said though, thats my “guess” as im not 100% on kdenlives QSV support on windows. Somebody from that group will have to chime in on that. Just because 1 set of software works doesnt mean another will as it depends on what is supported and how far back hardware wise so you cant really just say that X software works so Y should.

@berndmj looks to be a kdenlive kinda guru so hopefully they can help you on this

Please update Kdenlive to 23.08.2

I have, it hasn’t changed anything except it no longer recognizes QSV acceleration in the wizard.
I manually ported over the full FFMPEG library and it’s recognized in the wizard again, nothing has changed.

It seems like I can try to install “libavcodec-extra”, however I can’t seem to find a windows ver. yet

Does this help? Ffmpeg install :: Ultimate++