Kdenlive Composition Tab & Effects Tab are completely blank

Kdenlive version 22.12.1
MLT version 7.12.0
KDE Framework 5.104.0
QT Version 5.15.8 (built against 5.15.8) The xcb windowing system

Fedora Linux 36 (x86-64)
Cinnamon version 5.2.7

Composition Tab and Effects Tab are completely blank. This is true in the Editing workbench, Effects Workbench and Colour workbench. Also, for some reason the maximise button (which is usually between the minimise button and close button at the top right hand corner of the window) only shows up when you are in the “Colour” workbench. Is this just me? Has there been an error in my downloading of the program? I downloaded kdenlive on 25-Apr-2023 and I updated the dnf before installation.
I entered

`$ sudo dnf install kdenlive

into the Terminal to install. Any ideas where I’ve gone wrong?

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There have been reports of issues with kdenlive and fedora pertaining to Qt which is used for kdenlive’s UI. Try the appimage

Same problem with AppImage

Even if you get the Effects pane to show, you cannot drag and drop effects to the timeline…

Please open a bug report for this as described at https://kdenlive.org/en/bug-reports/. A screen record would be useful. Thanks!