KDENLIVE crashes while rendering on Mac M2

This error comes up when crashed:
Detected locale “C” with character encoding “US-ASCII”, which is not UTF-8. Qt depends on a UTF-8 locale, and has switched to “UTF-8” instead. If this causes problems, reconfigure your locale. See the locale(1) manual for more information.

I’m not sure if this is connected to a race condition about locale we just solved.

Make a copy of your project first, then you can test with the daily build: Index of /ci-builds/multimedia/kdenlive/master/macos-arm64 if the issue is gone.

Thank you very much for your early response. I did as you wrote me. I tried the daily version. But the result is the same again. I am sending the print screens.
It is interesting that there is no problem when rendering to .webm, the problem is when rendering to .mp4
I an from Slovakia.

Used MacOS Sonoma 14.0