Kdenlive freezing up for no reason

Hey so I got Kdenlive 19.12.3 and it was working perfectly fine. Suddenly it won’t import any clips on any/new project. It just thinks till I try to close it then have to force stop.

Restarted a few times.
There is enough space on the drive.
It was working fine before.
No updates available

Which OS are you on?

FYI, Kdenlive’s latest release is 23.08.3 which is close to 4 years ahead of your version. I strongly recommend to get the latest version …

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FWIW (and I don’t think this is exactly the problem the OP is having), I have had it lock hard “semi reliably” on several of the last few year’s releases (including 23.08.3 now) when adding large numbers (> 10 or maybe 20) of clips to the project bin.

If you select them all at once in the import dialog and then try to Do Other Stuff before the job queue started by the import has completed - then it can hang Really Hard, needing a big kick to the appimage process to terminate it. The last time it did it to me I think I tried to import another clip (or maybe some audio) while the import jobs were still running, but I think it’s also done it previously while attempting other operations.

My workaround to avoid it has been importing clips in smaller batches, or not touching anything before all import jobs complete.

That’s not really an easily actionable bug report - but it is a phenomenon I’ve seen enough times now to have ways to cringe around it - so I’m just floating this here for awareness that it’s probably Not Your Imagination if anyone else sees something similar and has time to poke at it harder to turn this into something reproducible that can be reported for debugging.