Kdenlive future versions will continue supporting x11?

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Kdenlive run in x11 sessions, but now has much OS coders using wayland at point removing OS support for X11.
Possibly some distros will continue allowing use x11
Have much “old hardware” (nvidia video cards and notebooks) being possible only run in x11 mode.
Kdenlive team will continue allowing use x11 in kdenlive future versions ?
I wait any saver for creating an solution for “old hardware” as the same way wayland run x11 software under xwayland doing an wrapper to run wayland in X11.

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I would expect Kdenlive, and most applications built with GTK or Qt for that matter, to continue working on X11 for as long as those toolkits support X11 which they almost certainly will for years to come (even once the major desktops start phasing out X11 entirely, which also won’t happen tomorrow).

The fact that older NVIDIA cards can’t use wayland with the proprietary drivers is quite unfortunate. Fortunately you can always use nouveau, which supports wayland, and those older cards (everything pre-Maxwell, and Maxwell is supported by wayland-ready drivers) can even be re-clocked on nouveau to get better performance.
Even then, the performance of nouveau should be good enough for general usage but leaves a lot to be desired for more graphically intensive tasks.
I’m hoping that the situation may still improve in the future but it looks like only Turing and newer cards are really being focused on by nouveau now.

Still, I would recommend that you try and see if nouveau works for you, so you can move on to Wayland like the rest of the world and not be stuck on X11.

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Thanks for your reply.
Nouveau has issues with some video cards and not is exactly an total solution. Fix an problem and create another one.
Nouveau not has CUDA and NVENC. You has an powerful video card and can’t use it.
IMO wayland are doing MESS for all sides …
I wait the main distro not drop support for x11.

However … kdenlive will continue supporting x11 ?

Blame NVidia for not supporting your card any more, this is not Wayland’s fault



Thanks very much for replying.
If distros remove x11 support will “break” several “old” gpus and high number of notebooks.

You being an programmer maintaining x11 code in kdenlive results in a lot of work or few actions to do ?
kdenlive will continue allowing use in x11 ?

The only distribution of the more common ones that will not ship X11 in a coming release anymore is Fedora 41 (due October '24) at the moment…