Kdenlive has become great

I would like to say a big thank you to the makers of Kdenlive.
The program has been running excellently for many months now. I am still using 23.08.5-1 and have practically no crashes (on Linux). Most of the bugs have also been fixed for some time now. All important filters and functions work flawlessly. This is really a reason to celebrate.
I’m writing this because it happens so often that someone reports a bug or can’t get to grips with something. It’s good to report all the bugs, but the positive things are often forgotten.

But the good things need to be said out loud.
We can all count ourselves very lucky to be able to use this valuable software. All Linux users can be happy, because Kdenlive is certainly the very best video editor on this operating system.

Once again, many thanks to the makers.


Completely agree!

It’s also great on Windows!

Linux here too. This newbie thinks Gimp + kdenlive is a pretty potent combination. If I ever learn Glaxnimate, I might shake up the online video industry. Hah!

I totally agree too.
To the list of great image processing software, we should also add darktable, which, in its field, has nothing to envy the leaders of the commercial market.

While we’re at it, let’s mention other important and very good open source software: My video work is enormously supported by digikam. It allows me to view my recordings and add any annotations I want, even with MP4! That is extremely helpful.

Kdenlive has all the functions I really need. I really hope that the makers stay true to the quality they have now achieved and don’t let themselves be tempted to add countless other effects that might jeopardize stability again.

I would also like to point out: If someone needs the super-professional functions for their work, they will use DaVinci Resolve anyway and not wait for Kdenlive to implement them. Of course, the color-correction tools of the professional software are very appealing - but everyone who works with Kdenlive currently gets by without these functions and enjoys what Kdenlive can actually do.

What use is a video editor that can theoretically do everything?

I prefer the one that works reliably in practice.

Kdenlive - stay true to yourself!!!


I’ve just begun my use with Kdenlive and I am nowhere near using its full abilities, but I’m very happy with the power and precision it is giving me. I’m using 24.02 and what really has helped me is the tooltips with the “press SHIFT for more”. With that, I can get a sense of what things do pretty organically. Thank you, Kdenlive team!

I used to love Kdenlive myself. Now for months it just freezes.

Hello @josys36,
please give us more information. Your problem is somewhat unusual. Please note that Kdenlive has become very stable for many people.
Tell us which operating system you are using the program on. And which Kdenlive version? And, of course, it would be interesting to know how you use it.

I gave up on it. I posed the question here back in March and no one seemed to know what is going on. I finally found OpenShot and have switched to it. It’s at least working. kdenlive has been uninstalled.

As a very minor developer, I just want to second this. We really appreciate getting feedback - to at least know that someone is actually using our work (not an issue with something as large as Kdenlive). Even complaints are better than nothing!

It’s so easy to download and install programs these days that most people don’t think about the developers at all unless they need help or want a new feature.