Kdenlive image sequence/slideshow improvment


i tried to create a photo slideshow with many pictures in kdenlive, but the results from the “add image sequence” tool are not how i want it. E.g every image get the same pan+zoom effect (zoom in the same corner) and i cannot correct a single image when the pan+zoom is going in the wrong corner (face not visible).

I created a python script that will add the transformation effect to the images in the timeline, so every image hast its own effect and is editable:

You need a saved kdenlive project file with all images in a timeline with the desired duration and transitions. Then run the tool with the file and it will generate a slideshow.kdenlive file with the added effects. you can open this file in kdenlive for rendering or further editing.

Sorry for the code quality, i’m in no way a python/coding expert.


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Thanks for sharing!

I took the liberty to cross-post this to the Kdenlive Telegram channel and r/kdenlive on reddit …