Kdenlive imported clips have only audio (no video)

I have problems importing clips into the kdenlive editor. The clips only show the audio without the video.
I have tried several different file formats with the same results. All the videos plays without any issues using VLC.

Does anyone have any videos of what the issue might be?

My system:
Fedora 38
kdenlive version 23.08.5, flatpak

Did you have this problem before with KdenLive?
Or is it an issue that suddenly occured?
And if so, can you pinpoint when?

I will check for myself if there is a setting that can cause this.

Do you see the videotracks on the timeline? (V1, V2 etc.) ?
And if so, are they somehow “hidden”?

You might wanna try a different profile to check what happens.

Thanks for your reply.
It is a fresh install on a new PC.
I installed to version from the fedora repos and that one does not have the issue, so I guess there’s something with the Flatpak setup

Aha, that would make some sense.
A fresh install would not have a “wrong” setting in the program itself.

Maybe you could try to uninstall and then reinstall.
That’s about as far as I can think.

If you don’t have other Flatpak software yet, you could remove the entire Flatpak and reinstall.
Too bad I couldn’t be of more help.

You may want to try the appimage version of Kdenlive

If I was you I would use the Appimage version of Kdenlive 24.02.1

Thanks, I’ll try the Appimage next