Kdenlive importing multiple image sequences at once?


I would like to import multiple image sequences at once in Kdenlive, but I can’t figure out how. I have multiple folders with images using the same naming scheme, drag and drop just imports them as individual frames. For now I just import them one by one using the dialog that opens when I click on “Add Image Sequence” in the project bin context menu, but that gets very tedious when i have lots of folders.

In settings there’s an option to “automatically import image sequences” but I haven’t figured out what it does.

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Does drag and deposit don’t work on your system?
Do you select the selected images in your file manager and, holding the left -wing click supported, do you relieve it in the window of the project sources?
In any case, this is the procedure that I use on a Linux Manjaro Gnome post.

sorry for my English, I use translator.

Drag and drop does work, yes, but it loads the files as individual images instead of putting them all together in an image sequence, which is what I want to achieve.