KDENLIVE. no puedo dividir pantalla

Al intentar dividir mi pantalla en varias imagenes (da igual en 2, 4 o las que sean)no funciona. Se ve el fondo oscuro y no se ven los clips que pongo debajo en la linea de tiempo.
He probado a darle a “efecto - transformar” lo aplico al clip y cambio de tamaño para que se vean los de debajo en la timeline pero solo se queda el clip mas pequeño donde yo lo sitúe y el resto de la pantalla en color oscuro.
He probado tambien a borrarlo con el efecto “Chroma basic” y no desaparecen las partes oscuras. TAmbien he probado con el efecto “transparecncy” y sigue quedando opaco.
No tengo ningun otro efecto en ese clip ni en esa pista.
A alguien se le ocurre que puedo hacer porfavor?¿
estoy desesperada :frowning:

Hi, and welcome to the forum and community.

I know that there are translation tools out there and I could simply copy and paste your post and get it translated to English, which happens to be the main language here. But then I think you could have done that to begin with, as a courtesy to the community here, and - most importantly - because your post would attract more responses right away. :wink:

I fully understand that some users think their English is not good enough to get the issue across, or that they would be laughed at. But I haven’t seen anyone here in the forum (or in others about Kdenlive) do so. Rest assured, @ana, you are safe here!

So, please, before you post in your native Spanish again, have it translated online and then post it here (you can even state that it was translated online).

Since you are new here, let’s look the other way: :wink:

When trying to divide my screen into several images (it doesn’t matter in 2, 4 or whatever) it doesn’t work. The dark background is visible and the clips that I put below on the timeline are not visible.
I have tried clicking on “effect - transform”, I apply it to the clip and change the size so that the ones below can be seen in the timeline but only the smallest clip remains where I placed it and the rest of the screen is dark.
I have also tried to erase it with the “Chroma basic” effect and the dark parts do not disappear. I have also tried the “transparecncy” effect and it is still opaque.
I don’t have any other effects on that clip or on that track.
Does anyone have an idea what I can do please?
I’m desperate

Please post a screenshot of your timeline and effect stack(s). That helps in troubleshooting. Also, state the OS, and version of Kdenlive. Thanks!