Kdenlive on Win10 - Starting and Uninstall problems

I can’t properly start Kdenlive on Windows 10. I used to be able to run it a few months ago, but now it takes like 5 minutes to start. (It used to start in 10 seconds)

I thought uninstalling and reinstalling would help, but the error persists for install and standalone of version 23.08.5 and 24.02.2.

Even when I uninstall the program and remove the settings folder form /user/AppData and install it, the program tells me that it crashed on previous startup and takes forever to load no matter whether I reset the config or not.
(Which means that despite the uninstall and removal from the user/AppData folder, Kdenlive leaves some settings somewhere)

Is there a way to fix this eternal startup? Maybe an entire removal of the program would help, but I’m not sure where kdenlive leaves data lying around that isn’t removed by the regular uninstall.

Check this section of the official Kdenlive documentation. And search it for folder structure.

As I said, I have already deleted the kdenlive folder in the AppData folder.
There has to be some other residue somewhere.

Delete folder: c:/program files/kdenlive. Reinstall Kdenlive again.

Solved! One SD card was broken that was connected via a USB SD card reader. After removing it Kdenlive started as fast as before.

I don’t understand why Kdenlive would start so slowly when a SD card is malfunctioning, but maybe this will help someone with the same problem, or help devs finding whatever bug is associated.

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