Kdenlive refuses to open on windows 10 PC

having downloaded both the installable and stadalone versions, i had thesame problem.
after extracting i tried to open, and just got sent back to the “extract files” window.
any help? please!

You need to find and execute the kdenlive.exe file in the bin/ folder

Thanks idid that, still no go
I’ve gone through the installation process, to “finish”, but then can’t open the software???
By the way, why does it go in the bin?
excuse my computer non-savvy please

No worries.

When you install Kdenlive you should have a shortcut on your Windows desktop. If none was created, open Windows File Explorer and navigate to C:/Program Files/kdenlive/bin, right-click on kdenlive.exe and select Send To > Desktop (create shortcut)

The standalone version is essentially a self-extracting archive. So depending on where you extracted it to (perhaps just in the Downloads folder) go to that folder, navigate to the folder bin and find the kdenlive.exe file.

bin in this case is short for binary which I think stems from the good ol’ days where computers filled entire rooms :wink:

Thanks again.
Unfortunately, i have done all this, found bin, clicked on kdenlive.exe,Then a window opens briefly

  • nano second!- and closes again?

Where did you download it from ? Did you check the checksum after download?

from the Kdenlive web site (i think - see screenshot)
did not see “checksum” - what’s that?

thank you for your help berndmj. one of my students has just installed it on my PC, took him about 5mins.