KDevelop QML linter potentially outdated?

I had a conversation about KDevelop stating that versionless imports are unsupported with some Qt developers:

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    Could you elaborate about Loading...? I don’t see any way in which they should be separate. I ask because I still see Qt report this for Qt6 QML files via the latest KDE KDevelop (IDE) package for the Fedora 40 Beta KDE Spin when viewing :


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    The warning never came from Qt, it came from QtCreator’s code model. So I don’t see how this could be related to a warning in KDevelop; doesn’t KDevelop has it’s own code model?

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    KDevelop is using a quite old copy (QC 4.7.2?) of the qmljs part of QC which is likely used there to produce the messages - to be honest: I haven’t looked further. Maybe you should ask there whether someone is willing to update.

I see this every time I open a QML file in KDevelop - considering that most QML files without versioned imports appear to function without them, is this error incorrect?