KDevelop's title bar is all grey and white if I switch to a darker preset theme

Hello everyone, I recently installed KDevelop for the first time, but I am getting this issue whenever I use the more darker versions of themes, they all show me this weird title bar

My OS is Windows 10 Pro x64


On the other hand, when executing on openSUSE Leap, KDevelop with the Oxygen Color Scheme looks like this –

And, the openSUSEdark scheme looks like this –

The openSUSEdarkalternate is even darker – all black …

You may well be experiencing a “Redmond” effect … :imp:

What’s a redmond effect?

Looks like this is a bug in Kdevelop: 469709 – KDevelop toolbars and options are unreadable on windows 10 when trying to match theme with dark system theme

How did you install Kdevelop?

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I downloaded thru the official website, ofc

Then I installed it normally. The bug tracker link you sent me was right. I set my Windows 10 to dark mode.

KDE always was, and still is, a UNIX® / Linux Desktop – yes, yes, there is, or was, a port of KDE to allow it to run as a Microsoft Windows Desktop …

  • The Microsoft head office is in Redmond, about 22 km east of down-town Seattle, Washington.

i switched to linux now :slight_smile:

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