Kdewallet doesn't open on login

kde plasma 6.0 RC1

kdewallet doesn’t open on login. Seems to be a common problem. I’ve researched a fair amount, and believe I’ve done all the typical stuff:

wallet name is the default “kdewallet”
wallet password is same as log in password.
Blowfish selected as type of encryption
login password is required (autologin not set).
libpam-kwallet6, libpam-kwallet-common is installed

There doesn’t seem to be a “pam-kwallet” or “kwallet-pam” pkg available.
“systemctl | grep wallet” returns nothing.
But journalctl reveals:
Jan 28 07:48:51 home systemd[1671]: Started Unlock kwallet from pam credentials.
Jan 28 07:49:17 home dbus-daemon[1689]: [session uid=1000 pid=1689] Activating service name=‘org.kde.kwalletd6’ requested by ‘:1.52’ (uid=1000 pid=3017 comm="/usr/bin/systemsettings kcm_kwallet5 " label=“unconfined”)
Jan 28 07:49:18 home dbus-daemon[1689]: [session uid=1000 pid=1689] Successfully activated service ‘org.kde.kwalletd6’
Jan 28 07:49:21 home kwalletmanager5[3108]: Connecting to deprecated signal QDBusConnectionInterface::serviceOwnerChanged(QString,QString,QString)


Are you using KDE Neon? If so then that’s a Neon packaging issue, see 480380 – kwallet not unlocking at login

THANKS! Yep, installing libpam-kwallet5 worked. I guess I was getting a bit aggressive in my use of RC1. :slight_smile:

Now to figure out an odd bash problem with kwalletcli, but that’s a different challenge.