Keeping kmymoney database in XML format

I converted my kmymoney database to XML so I could add some historic stock prices into the database. Since then I have maintained the database in XML format and the perfomance of the database is fine. Is there any advantage to converting the database back to the .kmy format? btw I think this is a really great piece of software congratulations to the developers

Thank you.

There is currently no benefit in using the database backend. Both are loaded into memory and fully stored back when saving, yes even the DB is fully updated.

We heard of some users who use the DB backend to access the data with external SQL based tools to create reports that are not supported by KMyMoney but the majority seems to stay with the file backend.

From a development stand point, the XML file backend (used by filetypes .kmy, .xml and .anon.xml) is the major storage type. The DB backend currently comes second in terms of support.

Thank you, that’s helpful to know