Kernel 6.2.0-25 in Neon

Hello all,
is it advisable to install the latest 6.2 kernel (version 6.2.0-25 ) under KDE Neon already? Are there any valid reasons against installing it in KDE Neon?


Do you need this for a specific reason? If not, there isn’t any reason to do so, outside of personal desires, or specific hardware support.

However. Ubuntu will be upgrading LTS to this soon anyway, next month (assuming the normal scheduling for this is still in effect).

Installing this NOW won’t hurt, assuming you use the correct packages. This 6.2 kernel is from Ubuntu 23.04. so it has seen some widespread use already :slight_smile:

There are a LOT of specialized kernel packages that are not recommendable unless you know that you need a specific one for a specific purpose.

The meta-package linux-image-generic-hwe-22.04 currently depends on the 5.19 kernel, but this will change to 6.2 when Ubuntu release that officially for 22.04. You already have this installed, as it is a default package in most *buntu LTS systems, so you will be upgraded to 6.2 when this happens.

If you want to try 6.2 out a little bit early, they do offer a meta-package linux-image-generic-hwe-22.04-edge which was bumped from 5.19 to 6.2 some time this past week. This is a way to get the next HWE kernel a little early, for testing purposes. This doesn’t give you a rolling kernel or anything like that, it just gets you the next kernel upgrade a few weeks to a month early. Otherwise it tracks the current official kernel releases.

I would not recommend installing any other package to install a 6.2 kernel. Avoid any with ‘oem’, ‘nvidia’, or any numbers such as ‘1005’ or similar.

Hi claydoh,

Thanks for the detailed description of the kernel packages, now see more clearly the dependencies of the kernel packages. There is no particular reason why I need a newer version 6.x kernel.