Kernel Panic and strange can't read screen

Practically everytime i boot my PC (Acer Aspire E1-472-6401) it gives a kernel panic screen, i have to force shutdown and reboot to see if it lets me boot normally, sometimes it takes more than 4 reboots to be able to reach a normal boot, sometimes it dosn’t let me boot because of my mouse keyboard and earphones, and now this i can say, 99 of 100 times it says this: ERROR: attempt to read or write outside of disk hd0, that happens with devices or withouth them, afortunately after passing through that error it boots into plasma normaly, but the real thing is that kernel panic, i don’t understand why it puts that

The most likely cause of kernel panic during boot is a hardware issue, but the “trying to write outside hd0” message is also worrying. I would try to reinstall the operating system on a fresh drive (i.e let the installer format the drive).

Already tried installing on 2 different drives, same error one was USB 2.0 and other one was USB 3.0, same error always, I have also installed the system 2 times one time with each drive, and the kernel panic I don’t think it’s because of the hardware, I have never changed it

When you say " I don’t think it’s because of the hardware, I have never changed it", do you mean that you had Linux installed with KDE before, and it was working fine, and then kernel panic started to happen?

Kind of had a linux, it was a chromiumOS Fork, fydeOS, i installed KDE Neon with Plasma because fyde went a little slow, but with fydeOS never had something like a panic or that strange can’t read screen, and no, i hadn’t actually used any KDE Plasma distro before, i was searching for an alternative to fyde and Neon seemed like a good choice, as i had also already saw a few videos of Plasma, i decided to install it, the only issues i have found with Neon were those i mentioned

It is possible for you to get a screenshot of the kernel panic (a cellphone picture will probably do)?