Keyboard Shortcut Manager Issue with US International Layout


I have encountered a bug with the keyboard shortcut manager while using the US International QWERTY layout.

When I assign a shortcut using Meta+Shift+6 (which corresponds to the “^” character), the shortcut works perfectly fine initially. However, the problem arises after I reboot my system: the shortcut is lost and I have to reconfigure it every time.

I believe this issue is related to the behavior of the “^” key on the US International keyboard layout. On this layout, pressing Shift+6 does not immediately input the “^” character; instead, it allows for a combining character to be typed afterward (e.g., to type “ê” I press Shift+6 followed by “e”).

This combining behavior is also true for other characters like `, ', ~, and ".

It would be great if this could be looked into and resolved, as it significantly impacts the usability of custom shortcuts on this keyboard layout.

I post here because I don’t know in which application I should report it on bugzilla.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.