Keyboard shortcuts for new tiling feature

Hi all.

Coming from Windows and FancyZones, I’m a huge fan of the new tiling feature added in Plasma 5.27. However one issue I am facing is the ability to bind keyboard shortcuts to snapping windows into the new predefined tile zones.

I’m aware this may not be an existing feature, however from what I have read online, the new tiling implementation is supposed to have some sort of API that be consumed with KWin scripts. I’m totally happy to get my hands dirty if someone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.

You can generally snap them in place by dragging them while holding shift (just in case that is what you or someone who is stumbling on this mean).
I would also be interested if you found general keyboard shortcuts here, or even a way to overwrite the windows+arrow key shortcuts to use the defined zones instead of the default half/quarter behavior.