Keyframes sometimes get lost with Transform tool in kdenlive

I make heavy use of the transform tool in kdenlive (23.08.1 on openSUSE, kdenlive-23.08.1-lp155.150.2.x86_64, although this has happened just as frequently earlier). Sometimes in the middle of an editing session all of the keyframes vanish. If I look in the .kdenlive file, the rotation component of the keyframe (which I don’t actually use) is present, but the linear transformation (size/position) ones are not present. Undo does not restore them. It seems to happen more often when moving (translating) a keyframe than when scaling, and there’s no consistent reproducer. If I see the red keyframe dots in the preview suddenly vanish I can quit without saving and as long as I’ve saved recently, I don’t lose too much work. If I don’t notice it, I’m out of luck other than having keyframes that I can then manually re-edit, but that’s obviously a lot of work.

This seems to correlate with keyframes getting marked as discrete (I don’t do that intentionally that I’m aware of, but it may be part of the same bug).

It appears that if I save my work with every edit this does not happen (I’ve been editing some videos where I inserted hundreds of keyframes, and as I was careful to save every edit, I didn’t lose them). But if I edit any random video (I usually edit 1080p30 videos) and don’t save every time this will usually happen sooner or later.

Has anyone else observed this?

I suggest you open a bug report in