KGet isn't reliable

I wanted to test KGet as being part of KDE apps, so I used it to download some ISOs from multiple websites, the app suffers from some problems (tested on Manjaro/Plasma-6.0.4/Wayland):

  • Resizing columns is super slow
  • Download speed is really low compared to UGet
  • Downloading is most of the time “Stalled” at some point and never advance
  • Restarting stalled downloads doesn’t work

Do I miss some extra libs? Or some configs to get it to work fine? Or is it the normal behavior of KGet?

I used UGet for many years and it never failed to finish downloading my files except for network problems.

  • I can confirm that paused downloads can’t be resumed, I’ve got at least one example with an HTTP server I’ve developed myself that works with Chrome’s download feature, but not with KGet. I’ll open a bug report within the next 12 hours, if you haven’t done so already (can’t do it right away, I’m taking off).

  • Download speed may be slower because uGet uses multiple connections. It seems KGet has this feature as well, but I’m not entirely sure.

  • I haven’t noticed anymore stalled download than with web browsers.

  • Resizing columns seems to work properly.

I doubt missing libraries would explain the issues you’ve noticed. For the record, I’m not sure KGet has had a maintainer for the past 10 years.

EDIT: Bug report created at the following link:

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