Kgpg sends me to dead web site, but I can't figure out why

In kgpg (23.08.3) if I right click on any key, and select “Open Key URL” it opens a new browser tab to where that last part is the ID of the key. The page says “This site is no longer maintained.” I have two questions here. First, what is the “Key URL” supposed to show? Second, where is kgpg getting this site? It is NOT listed among the configured keyservers. However, it IS present in kgpg.kcfg in the source, in a group “Servers” entry “Info_Server_list” near a comment “Should in future be merged with Key Servers, for compatibility reasons with kde 3.5 it is now in a separate group”

Asking here before opening a bug against kgpg.

Any comments?

I have filed Bug 477686.