Kid3-cli - can it be used in scripts

I was wondering if it was possible to use Kid3-cli in scripts?
Other command line based programs allow for direct access to commands as where Kid3-cli seems to run an actual program within the CL.
It also requires you to “save” and also “exit” out of the program as well.
Does kid3-cli have the ability to just apply commands?
Is there a way to be able to use it for example in a bash script?
I apologize if my terminology is not correct but hopefully what I am asking makes sense.
Thank You

kid3-cli has an interactive mode where you can use save and exit, and you can use it non-interactively with one or multiple -c arguments – then you do not need save and exit. Have a look into the handbook, where everything is explained. There is also a section with examples.

Sorry about that, I am new to the program, not sure where I read it but I did skim over this and read that it removes the need to save, after that I assumed that is what it did, I didn’t realize it turns kid3-cli into command based actions, which is perfect.
Although a mistake on my part, at least it gives me a chance to speak with you the developer of the project and gives me the opportunity to say to you how much I appreciate all the work that you put into this program. I have tested many similar software items both CL & GUI based and nothing else even comes close to what you have achieved. I was so impressed with the GUI version, I did not even realized there was a CL based version as well until recently, both are amazing!
Also while doing research I have looked around on many forums / sites and I have seen your name a great deal constantly helping others regarding your software, which is so kind.
So in general, I just wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work, so helpful and much appreciated.