Kid3-cli : Simple Newbie Questions

Hi all.

I have been working with kid3-3.9.3-1-win32-x64 on Win10. Very nice and really good performance too.

I had some simple questions.
1 What return codes does kid3-cli return to a command shell (e.g., %ERRORLEVEL% under windows, or $? in unix)?

2 Is it possible to use kid3-cli to attach “bigger” images to audio files (e.g., aiff, dsf, wav, flac)? I can attach images that are small (e.g., 100x100), but nothing bigger (e.g., 3000x3000, 8mb). Is there a resolution limit, or a file size limit?

3 Is there a json schema definition within the help? - Couldn’t find it.

4 Is it possible to pass a json file on the command line with kid3-cli (e.g., no options, just pass a json file with all options/commands/attributes/files)?
==>>NOTE: I tried creating a very simple json file based on what I saw in the help/man pages. I tried redirecting this malformed json into kid3-cli and it causes an infinite loop. Something like: ‘kid3-cli <bad.json’

5 UTF-8 seems to work as expected. I noticed the Unicode option for the cli in interactive mode. Is there anything else that should be considered regarding UTF-8 or Unicode that may not be obvious.?

So far, so good. Thanks for any help or info. #1 and #2 are most interesting to me right now. (I posted here bc it says the other forum is being archived.)


I did some research on the closed issues list, and solved #2.

Here is a link to a relevant issue.

Here are some sample commands I used that worked. It seems to work best when ID3v2 tags have already been set. No problems adding multiple pictures. No problems with resolution or size limits. Yay.

The second command will overwrite the jpg from the first.

kid3-cli -c “set picture:‘Front Cover.jpg’ ‘Cover’” 02.aiff
kid3-cli -c “set picture:‘Booklet Front Cover.jpg’ ‘Booklet Front Cover’” 02.aiff

Here, both jpg files get written to the target aiff file. Very nice.

kid3-cli -c “set picture[0]:‘Front Cover.jpg’ ‘Front Cover’” 02.aiff
kid3-cli -c “set picture[1]:‘Booklet Front Cover.jpg’ ‘Booklet Front Cover’” 02.aiff


For #1 in the op, I found a closed issue that at least mentions the issue of kid3-cli exit codes.

The problem I am having is something like the attached graphic shows. I don’t really care about system related stuff - I can check that before/after invoking kid3-cli - I am interested in knowing that tags were written successfully.

Anyways… the journey continues. Pretty cool sw tbh.