Kid3 how to remove folder metadata

I have a problem which I can’t find any answer to. Whenever I create or copy a folder into a specific location metadata is always added to it. In the below example I created a directory in ~/Music and checked the metadata that Baloo reads from it and then moved the directory to it’s intended location. I then used Baloo to check what metadata the directory now had (If I use mkdir the metadata is also added.).

scott@scottubuntu:~$ balooshow /home/scott/Music/"Disk 1"
150199c00010303 66307 22026652 /home/scott/Music/Disk 1
        Mtime: 1683163059 2023-05-04T09:17:39
        Ctime: 1683163059 2023-05-04T09:17:39

After moving/creating a new folder in the desired location the following metadata appears:

scott@scottubuntu:~$ balooshow /mnt/data2/Vaults/"Music Vault"/Opera/Tommy/"Disk 1"
3fc100000822 2082 16321 /mnt/data2/Vaults/Music Vault/Opera/Tommy/Disk 1 [/mnt/data2/Vaults/Music Vault/Opera/Tommy/Disc 2/30 Tommys Holiday Camp.flac]
        Mtime: 1681528739 2023-04-15T11:18:59
        Ctime: 1681552181 2023-04-15T17:49:41
        Cached properties:
                Bitrate: 907000
                Channels: 2
                Duration: 90
                Genre: Rock
                Sample Rate: 44100
                Track Number: 13
                Release Year: 2000
                Artist: Opera
                Album: Tommy (Disc 2)
                Title: Tommy's Holiday Camp
                Publisher: Polydor Records

The biggest problem is that some form of link is created in the folder metadata to [/mnt/data2/Vaults/Music Vault/Opera/Tommy/Disc 2/30 Tommys Holiday Camp.flac] which is what I want to remove but it appears there is no way for Kid3 to access this data at the folder level. Is this possible and any other suggestions most welcome including what do I have problem with.

The “to” location uses NTFS as the filesystem.
Kubuntu 23.04
This is a folder with flac files though new folders containing mp3 files have same issue

If no one here wants to answer you, it is because there is no connection between Baloo and Kid3.

Baloo is a desktop search with which a user can locate his files. Baloo updates at times and without personal intervention not in real time. Mtime and Ctime belong to the file system and are not part of the internal tags.

Kid3 is a complete audio (and mp4 video!) tag editor and one of the best available. To read the internal metadata of multimedia files at file level, general tools like ffprobe, sox or mediainfo are available in addition to the native tools for Flac, Vorbis etc.

Thank you for your reply but it only states what I already know. Baloo is only mentioned because it is the tool I selected to concisely show what metadata is associated with the folder. I realise there are 2 problems here:
1/ why/how is the metadata being appended to a folder and
2/ how to remove that metadata.

My question here only addresses point 2. Can Kid3 edit the metadata of a folder (not a file)? This question does not involve baloo in any way.

Kid3 can edit the metadata of audio files, which support metadata. Folders, on the other hand, do not support metadata. If you can manage metadata for a folder (e.g. using Baloo), this information is stored “out-of-band” in some file and not in the folder itself.