[Kig] Is it possible to change the color of geometric constructions?

Good day community. I recently found Kig, which is software under the KDE umbrella (thank you for that, Kig really deserves it, I think).

I’ve been using Kig, and I haven’t been able to find how to change the color of geometric constructions, or their line weight.

This is how all geometric constructions look to me:

As shown, geometric constructions have only blue lines, points, and text, and the line weight is of about 1 pixel.

Is this possible to change? Or should I open a feature request in the KDE Kig’s tracker?

Thank you for your attention!

I’m so sorry, I just discovered that you can right click a geometric construction, and the context menu gives you the option to set the color and the line width. I am too used to finding these type of options on a menu from the menubar (a menu like “Style” or something like that).