`kio` packages named inconsistently

RokeJulianLockhart@s1e8h4:~> zypper search kio*
Repository 'Packman' is out-of-date. You can run 'zypper refresh' as root to update it.
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S  | Name               | Summary                                      | Type
i+ | kio                | Network transparent access to files and data | package
i+ | kio-core           | Network transparent access to files and data | package
i+ | kio-core-debuginfo | Debug information for package kio-core       | package
i+ | kio-debuginfo      | Debug information for package kio            | package
i+ | kio-debugsource    | Debug sources for package kio                | package
i+ | kio-devel          | Network transparent access to files and data | package
i+ | kio-extras5        | Additional KIO slaves for KDE applications   | package
i+ | kio-extras5-lang   | Translations for package kio-extras5         | package
i+ | kio-fuse           | Access KIO over the regular filesystem       | package
i+ | kio-gdrive         | Google Drive KIO slave for KDE applications  | package
i+ | kio-gdrive-lang    | Translations for package kio-gdrive          | package
i+ | kio-lang           | Translations for package kio                 | package
   | kio-stash          | KIO slave for stashing temporary files       | package
   | kio-stash-lang     | Translations for package kio-stash           | package
i+ | kio_audiocd        | KDE I/O Slave for Audio CDs                  | package
   | kio_audiocd-devel  | Development package for kio_audiocd          | package
   | kio_audiocd-lang   | Translations for package kio_audiocd         | package
   | kio_iso            | KIO slave to access ISO images               | package
   | kio_kamera         | KDE I/O Slave for Cameras                    | package
   | kio_perldoc        | KDE KIO-Slave to browse Perl documentation   | package
   | kio_perldoc-lang   | Translations for package kio_perldoc         | package

Is this an issue with openSUSE, or is there a reason KDE’s named these so differently?

I’d say it is the distro, since they are the final arbiter on the package naming for their stuff.
All of the kio packages I have available have dashes instead of underscores.

But I am some person on a web forum (even a moderator elsewhere, where their kio packages all use dashes), which doesn’t make me an expert automatically.

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Sure, but then there are these:


The distros do what they want, but usually have some internal guidelines. It may not be trivial or worthwhile to change some things that have had a set name for a very long period of time, perhaps.