Kmail and a Gmail account

Hi, this whole day (and yes I know the day is not over yet) I have tried to make Kmail version 6.x.x working with my Gmail account.
I now installed openSUSE Tumbleweed in a VM, setup my account in Kmail 6.0.4 and it just doesn’t work.
My account has 2-step verification, during setup I also get the log-in screen on with a message on my phone which I have to acknowledge. This all works.
I have an app password from the gmail website and use it for receiving mail, also tried it for sending mail.
But when I try to check my mail, and I know at least one e-mail is there cause I placed it there myself using my phone, I get nothing.
When I try to send an e-mail to myself in Kmail nothing happens as well.

In version 5.24.5 it still works, but in the versions starting with a 6 it does not. at least, not here.
Has something changed, do I need to do something different than before?
Who can help me?

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