Kmail and the local maildir

I have a question about Kmail and my Maildir located in the HOME directory.

The way I receive mail here is as follows. Fetchmail collects my mail at intervals from my email providers and forwards it to Procmail. Procmail sorts the mails as intended and puts them into my local Maildir directory. The Maildir directory can also be accessed remotely via dovecot, an IMAP server.

But now this Maildir is most of the time directly in front of me, i.e. in my HOME directory, where I am also logged in. With Kmail I try to access the Maildir directly, bypassing the IMAP server, because I think it would be grotesque to have to enter my password repeatedly as a logged in user. Although Kmail recognizes the path to the Maildir as a valid Maildir, this mailbox is dead, no messages in it, 0 B space total.

What am I missing in the configuration, how do I set up the Maildir in Kmail so I can access my mail without a password?

I don’t know, I can’t get it to work, now I don’t feel like investing any more time.

(And if anyone feels offended by this, no, Kmail is not bad because of this, but it is time consuming and I use mu/mu4e anyway and that works smoothly.)

No offense taken on my part (I love Kmail but it has its issues) but I honestly wouldn’t run it directly from an IMAP directory.

You could have a lot of different issues depending on the permissions of your Maildir for example.
I don’t think it’s the case anymore, but older versions of Kmail (I’m talking KDE 3 era) used to write index files under every directory.

So, best to keep them apart :slight_smile:

Edit: - oh my God! - it’s full of typos!

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